How to evaluate the audience’s experience to an exhibition? This project explores a solution to the lack of evaluation tools in the art sector, getting advantage of what the new widespread chatbot technology offers. There are difficulties in evaluating people’s experiences and preferences towards art, which hinders organisations and institutions from considering such opinions in their planning and decision-making processes. A chatbot was designed to engage in audience research, able to talk and ask inquisitive questions to exhibition visitors via a messaging App. The design of this conversational agent allowed a fluid interaction with visitors, who fed back diverse information which could potentially support the planning processes of future art institutions.


* This designed had two iterations. The method used for the user research was interview with stakeholders (art institution manager). * For the design of chatbot questions, the user requirements from the interview were considered along with material from audiences research guidelines. Also, new conversation design conventions or best practices were followed. * For the User Testing the method used was Think Aloud plus a short interview afterwards to understand user's experience with the chatbot further.